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Dinitrol ~ Rust Prevention Waxes and Oils

Below is a list of our Dinitrol rust prevention wax and oil product range and their key differences


This is a thixotropic rust prevention fluid with good film building properties for open surfaces as well as for cavities. It is capable of good penetration into crevices and joints, preventing further corrosion even on damp or dirty surfaces. Cavity waxes leave a brown, waxy water repellent protective film.

What are the KEY differences?

  • DINITROL 3650 - new metal, heavy duty for high corrosion environments MOD
  • DINITROL 3125- old metal, penetrates through rust, contains inhibitors
  • DINITROL 3642W - new metal, new build OEM
  • DINITROL 3654 - retreating existing applications
  • DINITROL ML - thin, high penetrating - low abrasion qualities


is a thixotropic external underbody rust prevention fluid which provides long term resistance against corrosion and abrasion, even under severe conditions. Provides a tough elastic waxy protective coating. The film is resistant to repair and oven paint temperatures.
EFCOAT AB 429 IQ - latest Zero VOC product - very durable.


This is a long term engine protection product with heat resistance up to 200 centigrade. The product leaves a firm transparent film with short drying time and good adhesion and flexibility on all metal surfaces, rubber and plastic parts. It is resistant to alkali and acidic solutions. Ideal for using under the bonnet on hose clips and unpainted aluminium, which can corrode leaving a white powder.
DINITROL 4010 - dries to a hard clear finish.


This is a permanently elastic anti-stone chip product which also protects against corrosion. It has a sound deadening effect and can be over-painted. It does not contain aggressive solvents such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and will not attack PVC coatings.
DINITROL 445 - black, ideal for wheel arches.


These oils protect iron, steel, copper, brass and other metals without contact with the metal surface. Add 3-4 litres DINITROL VCI UNI 0-40 to each m³ air.
DINITROL VCI UNI 0-40 - is an oil (concentrate) which is completely mixable with petrol, oil and diesel. It burns without leaving any ash. It is therefore not necessary to remove the DINITROL VCI UNI 0-40, when starting up an engine. Supplied to Royal Navy for protection of Turbines during shutdown and maintenance of ships and submarines.
DINITROL UNI VC 0-40 - new generation product.


This is an environmentally safe, non-emulsifying and quick separating degreaser with a very low aromatic content. It is self-separating and biologically degradable. It efficiently cleans and dissolves fats, waxes, engine and diesel oils.
Dinitrol 7225 Auto-cleaner - removes waxes quickly and efficiently


These waxes provide long-term corrosion protection on evaporation of the solvent. It leaves a light brown, waxy film with excellent rust preventive properties both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its hard consistency, the film also provides some mechanical protection. Waxes have good coverage and dries quickly.

What are the KEY differences?

  • DINITROL 112 - thick, viscous for long term storage
  • DINITROL ML713A - thin, easily removable for short term storage

Thixotropic means that the wax skins over but remains soft underneath allowing for expansion and contraction of the surface it is applied to. It is also self healing, which means that if it is chipped by a stone it will migrate across to repair the damage. An example is that of toothpaste, which can be squeezed out of the tube, yet retain a solid shape on the brush.