Vehicle Glass Replacement > Knife Blades

Utility Blades
Product code: KNB01

20 pkts of 5 blades supplied in sealed packets (100)

Single Edge Blades
Product code: KNB02

100 Single Edge Personna Safety Blades supplied in a box tray

18mm Segmented Blades (0.5mm) x 100
Product code: KNB03-100

18mm Non-Segmented Blades (0.5mm) x 100
Product code: KNB04-100

18mm SHARK Blades 0.6mm x 100
Product code: KNB05-100

18mm Non-Segmented Blades (0.43mm) x 10 Double
Product code: KNB06-010

OLFA Laminate & Perspex Cutter Blades x 3
Product code: KNB07-003

9mm OLFA Stainless Segmented Blades (50)
Product code: KNB09-050

Chisel Blades (10)
Product code: KNB10

Available in sizes 12mm, 16mm & 20mm - (Part numbers for ordering purposes: KNB10A-010, KNB10B-010 & KNB10C-010)

Olfa Snap Off Blade Box
Product code: KNBB

Safe blade snap off box for use with segmented blades

Product code: KNBBS

Safe waste disposal tin for used blades

Replacement Chisel Blade (WSR009)
Product code: WSR009-B

Available blade width sizes: 13mm, 16mm & 20mm

Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades x 100 blades
Product code: KNB11-10A-100

No. 10A Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades

Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades x 100 blades
Product code: KNB11-11A-100

No. 11A Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades